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    Tax Preparation

    Small Business Filings

    Extension Filing

    Secure File Transfer

    Immediate Tax Saving Strategies

    Tax Planning (decrease tax liability by 20%-35%)

    CFO Services


    General Accounting

    Bookkeeping/Clean Up

    Reporting Statements (P&L)


    Monthly Reconciliations

    Adjusting Journals




    Legal Entity Structuring

    S Corp Election Planning

    Start up Formations

    Operating Systems

    Tax Review

    Family Tax Plan (Hire your Kids)




    Dudley Accounting Services, LLC

    We specialize in Start-up formations, General Accounting and significantly decreasing the tax burden for American Families. DAS, LLC directs all energy toward building and sustaining healthy relationships across our client base. Relationship capital is everything to us.


    Real Estate is one of the main pillars of our American Economy and we want to make sure those invested are protected and receive the most benefit.


    Ellis Dudley - Owner & Founder


    • B.S. in Accounting & Finance - Eastern Illinois University (EIU)
    • Former Audit Associate at Grant Thornton LLP (#8 Largest Public Accounting firm in the country)

    Firm Objectives:

    Mitigate Tax

    Save You Time

    Remain Tax Compliant


    DAS, LLC thrives on three major competitive advantages within the Real Estate Tax industry.


    We hold monthly virtual trainings for small business organizations looking to legally lower their tax liability. During these trainings we are able share some key tax advantages to small business owners looking to take advantage of the United States tax code. Join us on our youtube channel DudleyDoRight.


    No long drives to an office or wasted energy sitting in traffic. We operate mainly on a virtual platform (zoom.us) to serve most of our clients. With a laptop or phone, access to benefits are always at your fingertips.


    Being that our firm is managed by professional ages 25-35 we are able to achieve longevity. Which we plan to be with organizations from the beginning onward to the next generation.

    We house CPA's, Real Estate Attorney's and several business professionals so that if we are not able to help you directly, we are able to connect you with people in our circle who can.


    Our ultimate goal is to add value that continues to grow and advance your new or current business model.


    Real Estate Investors have become the main focus of our firm. We educate our investors on how to properly structure their real estate business so they can mitigate their tax burden, save time and most importantly scale their portfolio using the most effective strategies.


    Furthermore, Ellis is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and offers a suite of services such as:


    General Accounting

    Tax planning & Preparation

    Retained CFO Services (most common)


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    Start up Formations

    Family Tax Planning

    S-Corp Election Advisory






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